Episode 17 – Soundcraft Si Compact Review

Recently purchased a Soundcraft Si Compact and have spent a little time with it.  In this episode I give a quick list of features, pros and cons as well as a my thoughts vs the Yamaha LS9.



Gear Used:

  • Reaper 3.75 Mac 64bit
  • Blue Snowball USB Mic
  • Shure SRH840 Headphones


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2 Responses to Episode 17 – Soundcraft Si Compact Review

  1. Carlos Viloria S says:

    Necesito información acerca de la mesa de mezclas Soundcraft SI Compact ¿Qué ventajas y desventajas tiene? ¿Cúal sería una mejor inversión la Soundcraft SI Compact o la Yamaha LS9?espero una respuesta rápida y oportuna del que la tenga

  2. admin says:

    Carlos thanks for your comment and I used Google Translate to read it. Over all the LS9 is a more developed product with more features, but I think the Si Compact is a little be easier to run for live events if things change often. I would have to get more information to be able make a recommendation. I do plan on recording a follow up in the next day or so about this console after using it for a few events.

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